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Distinctives of Grace Bible Church

The Unique aspects of this congregation

Who We Are

These are practices and beliefs that set Grace Bible Church apart as a unique body of believers in Jesus Christ. While we share some of these distinctives with some other churches, these make up our church’s unique way of worshiping, growing, and serving.

Traditional Worship Styles

We continue to enjoy the great hymns of the faith in our worship together. While much of the contemporary music has been found to be lacking in doctrinal teaching and faithfulness to the Word of God, there are a number of contemporary hymns which, being rich in doctrine or exhortation, we find quite useful. Many, though not all of these, are published by Majesty Music or The Gettys. It is a joy for us to sing music that has blessed believers for hundreds of years as well as singing a new song unto the LORD. We sing with joy and gladness and our song leaders help us see the meaning in the words we sing while pianists, organists, and instrumentalists add to the worship of our singing.


King James Version (or New King James Version)

Back in the 1880’s, a revolution happened in English Bible translation. Up until that time, several English versions had attempted to improve the English Bible by standing on the shoulders of those who had translated before them. The final version in that chain was the King James Version. The New Testament portion of each of those versions came from a family of Greek manuscripts which have come to be called the Textus Receptus (Received Text). In the 1880’s, a new revision of the King James Version was commissioned in England, and several scholars undertook the assignment. However, instead of improving the King James, these scholars developed a new Greek manuscript, based on what we believe to be flawed copies of the Greek New Testament. The resulting text is now called either the UBS Text or the Nestle-Aland Text. It is our conviction that the resulting text does not accurately represent the Word of God as He gave it to us. Therefore, we continue to use the King James Version in our worship services and teaching classes, even though sometimes we have to explain some archaic language.

Note: We do not endorse the “King James Only” movement. We prefer not to fight about the issue, but just continue to preach and teach what we believe to be the faithful Word of God.

Christian Education

Although every family in our congregation has the freedom to educate their children as they see fit, virtually all of the families at Grace Bible Church home-educate their children. The result is strong families which interact well with all ages of folks. Our children tend to be biblically literate, well-mannered, and cheerful.

Baptism By Immersion

We believe the scriptural mode of baptism is by immersion in water. Therefore, we encourage every believer to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and we require such baptism for anyone seeking official membership in the congregation.


Fellowship Meals

At least once a month, families bring in meals that we can all share together. We typically hold these events on the first Sunday of the month, after our morning meeting. These meals allow for adults and young people to get acquainted, encourage each other in the Lord, and learn about needs and joys in each other’s lives.

Biblical Counseling

For several years, members of our staff and congregation have pursued training in classic Biblical counseling. This type of counseling is distinct from modern counseling because it honors the sufficiency of Scripture and believes that everything needed for personal and spiritual growth is found in the pages of God’s Word. Our training in biblical counseling has given us a unique ministry to other churches and believers in our area. It is our desire to equip more of our congregation in such counseling so that we can also reach out to the lost in our community, using counseling as a means of sharing the gospel with others.

Monthly Communion

We reserve the final moments of our worship meeting on the first Sunday of the month for a Communion Service. All believers are welcome to participate. It is time to refresh our memories about the death of the Lord Jesus Christ to purchase our redemption.

Home Bible Fellowships

Our commitment to small groups has led us to establish several Home Bible Fellowships which meet weekly during the school year and monthly during the summer. The goal of these groups is to study the Word together, to pray for each other, and to fellowship with each other in more intimate groupings than is available in our Sunday meetings.

Women's Ministry

Keepers @ Home: The Bible teaches us that older women should teach younger women how to be successful in their homes, marriages, and families (Titus 2:3-5). Our Keepers at Home program brings women together monthly on a Saturday during the school year. Women of all ages share in a Bible study and a craft demonstration.

Joy Fellowship: Once a month several ladies gather to sew baby things for our local crisis pregnancy Center. This has been a very long-term ministry of our congregation.

Men's Ministry

The men of the congregation meet weekly on Wednesday mornings for prayer, and monthly on the last Saturday of the month, for encouragement and training in issues particularly related to God's direction for our church. The Men’s Ministry team also seeks to harness the skills, interests, and abilities of men in ministering both to our congregation and to the community.

Debt-Free Living

Grace Bible Church is debt-free. The mortgage on our current property was paid off more than 20 years ago. Since that time, the church has made the commitment to stay debt- free. It is our conviction not to borrow money in order to complete any project.  We believe that God provides abundantly for His projects!

The Church

We believe the body of Christ is visibly expressed through the establishment and continuance of local churches as taught and defined by the New Testament Scriptures.

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